Work Money Bliss facilitates awareness and conscious transformation. It is an honour for me to offer my expertise, experience, and to teach some of the tools I’ve gained over twenty years of study and practice.

Our whole life involves work of some kind. Work is inescapable in both our personal and professional lives. So the question is, do you feel your work is inspiring or despairing and what would you like it to be? Making the conscious choice to be fully aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with our work on a daily basis and going within to clear any sabotage and dissatisfaction leads to clarity of true purpose and inspiration. It’s too big a part of our life to just ignore the stress, frustration, overwhelm and unhappiness associate with the work we do in our daily life.

Money is just a form of energy. It is a mirror, a reflection of where we are in our relationship to ourselves and source energy. This is a tough concept to embrace but if your relationship to money is harmonious and conscious life is easier. So if you face a constant challenge with never having enough money, or being in debt or just simply wishing you could earn more maybe now is the time to stop and put the light of consciousness onto these issues.

While work and money are often the aspects of our life that have the greatest impact on a daily basis true inner happiness will still consist of peaceful harmonious relationships and also a healthy, vital body. Our body in this conscious facilitation work is our barometer, our own unique guide on our path of life. And our relationships with others, like money, are mirrors and through them we have a wonderful opportunity to create true self awareness and a blissful life.

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